Matt Hayward

DevOps Engineer + Monitoring Guru


  • AWS Cloud Practitioner


  • Automation
  • Blue / Green
  • CI / CD
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Linux
  • Monitoring
  • Web Development

Cloud Providers

  • AWS
  • GCP

I joined Imagicloud as a graduate DevOps engineer following my studies of Computer Science at Swansea University. I’m a keen kayaker and have been interested in IT my entire life.

Upon joining Imagicloud I was given a baptism of fire and worked with Geraint delivering a custom auto scaling / load balancing solution for Google Cloud Platform for a high traffic customer with software limitations, meaning we were unable to use Google’s managed offering. I have since completed a number of similar complex automation tasks for Imagicloud clients.

Current Project

I’m currently working as a member of one of our clients DevOps team and am a part of the 24/7 support team responding to alerts received.

I spend my days working with Python, Terraform, Packer and Ansible on AWS for an automation heavy simulation platform and have delivered a number of tasks including custom ECS scaling, a Squid egress controller, Kafka and many more projects.


I have deployed and configured monitoring for a number of our clients including producing reusable components to allow us to decrease delivery times for new clients significantly, I help ensure that all monitoring configured is consistent and manageable.