Cloud 101

To realise the benefits of cloud, your team must understand the fundamentals of cloud computing. There may be some simple changes in the way your developers develop code, or perhaps your infrastructure team may be able build and deploy code in a more cloud efficient manner.

Our “Cloud 101” service aims to enable your team to achieve the greatest benefits of cloud computing. It is an informal session and we will first gather some information about your business before spending time with your team to discuss and, where possible, experiment with potential improvements.

  • Understand your products and services
  • Familiarise ourselves with the current capabilities of your team.
  • Establish what your business goals are.
  • Understand what your current challenges are now, and in the future.

Once we understand thisĀ  core information, we can then work with your team to help them achieve the greatest benefits of cloud computing tailored specifically to your organisation with hands on examples of how various approaches can help.

This service is perfect for both teams starting their journey in the cloud with the intention of enabling smoother product development, and also for those who already have a cloud deployment and are seeking ways in which it could be improved.