Here at Imagicloud we typically work with clients for long running engagements throughout which we will deliver a number of small pieces of work. The majority of our clients are software development based tech companies, however the services we deliver during our engagements are relevant for a number of different organisations, not just in the software or cloud computing space.

For example, when working with tech startups our first activity is usually to enable remote working with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). We would also perform an initial security review of any existing components that form their tech estate, and perhaps deliver some Internet based phone lines or configure an Interactive Voice Response system on their phone numbers to route calls intelligently.

In addition to our consultancy and delivery work with clients we also offer a suite of software tools/CRM delivered onĀ Software as a Service, pay as you go basis. We can develop bespoke cloud based easy to use tools to solve specific business problems, for example pool car booking tools, asset fault tracking or perhaps an office lunch ordering system. We might be able to create a simple tool which could improve your efficiency or help you interact with clients remotely with document exchange or information capture tools.

We realise words aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea so here’s a quick video from Geraint, owner and Chief Technical Officer of Imagicloud from his tech cave in Penllergaer explaining a little of what we offer and what might be relevant to help local companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’d like to discuss anything further please email the team usingĀ or call 01792 823456, if you’d prefer to talk to Geraint directly it’s or 01792 823444.

Get in touch

Feel free to give us a call or email, we’re open 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday.

Phone 01792 823456 or email

Our team are currently all home working based in Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol however we normally work from our offices in Brynmill, Swansea.

Remote Working

If you are looking to enable remote working for your organisation please get in touch, we have developed a quick and easy to deploy VPN service which can be installed and configured for your office and staff in less than an hour.

We will send a device in the post which you will connect to your office network, once connected it will establish a secure connection to our cloud based servers which your staff will connect to enabling connectivity to your office.

The solution is fully documented with step by step guides for every stage of configuration. If your office network is more advanced some additional work may be required but we will establish this whilst performing our pre installation checklist.

Many of you will already have achieved remote working but if you have some elements which aren’t as smooth as you’d like them to be, get in touch.

We might have some quick solutions we can deliver for you which can vastly improve your remote working experience or we might be able to point you towards a tool that already exists from someone else.

We often enable our clients for remote working and so are familiar with all security concerns surrounding this activity.

For peace of mind we can perform a security review to ensure your data is secure protecting your business from potential data breaches which are always a huge expense financially, to your reputation and in turn client confidence.

This will typically be achievable through way of interview where we ask a handful of questions relating to what has been implemented, your remote working requirements, what hardware or software has been used and what configuration options have been set, we will then analyse the gathered information to give an indication regarding security and any potential improvement points.

Cloud Establishment & Migration

Click here for more information on our remote working VPN solution.

We understand Cloud Computing can be a mysterious topic and is little understood, adding to the confusion the term is used by marketeers to suit whatever their need which further muddies the water around what exactly it is. We won’t go in to too much detail, but essentially it’s a shift from the tradition where servers are housed in an air conditioned server rooms that remain online 24/7 subjected to high maintenance costs, electricity, hardware failure and security concerns such as theft; to sharing resources in highly secured facilities and using only what you need, when you need it.

At Imagicloud we work primarily with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform which both have fantastic offerings with a huge feature sets designed to improve business efficiency and reduce your infrastructure cost.

For example, during the day your servers might be busy serving all of your staff while at night only one or two people are working. With cloud computing you pay by the second and can easily swap between different specifications of server, so you may choose to have a very powerful server online from 8am – 8pm, but at night a much smaller server would suffice… you will only pay for the additional power during the day, while at night you’re saving money… and there’s no risk of needing to get to a physical location to fix something, it can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The three leading cloud providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Our primary focus at Imagicloud in Swansea is Amazon Web Services however we also run services on behalf of clients in Google Cloud Platform and Azure.

Cloud based services work well for smaller organisations with a distributed team, much like the position many of you will find yourselves in now.

Our clients vary in terms of how much involvement they want from us

  • for some clients just need a kick start on their cloud journey and so we provide a base structure ensuring all the important bits are covered such as security and scalability.
  • others ask us to take care of everything and give us the requirements and we set to work delivering.
  • some prefer cloud training for their existing staff where we cover the basics of cloud computing and discuss the differences in ways of working and basic cloud concepts, without which can often result in a very expensive cloud deployment.

We can help you move, or copy your data to the cloud temporarily, or permanently. Hosting your servers in the cloud can save a significant amount of money for your business long term and can improve efficiency, enable growth and increase the security of your important business data when done correctly.

For some organisations who may not have the benefit of full fibre Internet, or maybe have limited upload capabilities you may find moving to a cloud based system will dramatically improve your home working experience.

Cloud servers benefit from the fastest possible Internet connections and data transfer speeds as they are well connected to all major Internet exchange points, typically an office Internet connection for a mid sized company will provide 100mbit/s of connectivity, cloud based servers can offer up to 25gbit/s, or 25,000mbit/s connections for both upload and download.

Software as a Service

We have developed a feature rich, modular, cloud based Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) which we use to help manage all aspects of our business from customers to financial information.

It allows secure storage of customer data with fine grained privilege access control to restrict what can be seen by various user groups from both a staff and customer basis with a number of tools which can be used to perform actions such as sending emails, SMS messages, keeping notes, taking online payments and much more.

We have many tools already developed and depending on the complexity of the requirement and how much work we have on, we can normally deliver new tools to solve business specific needs within a week.

We are able to deliver tools quickly and easily inside of our CRM framework, here’s an idea of the type of tools we’ve build for clients:

  • Asset fault tracking
  • Facility / pool car booking
  • Office lunch ordering system
  • Online invoice payments
  • Online shops
  • Leave / Holiday tracker

We may already have a tool that does what you need, or we can deliver one quickly within our modular cloud based software framework.

Other Services

Our team are experienced in disaster recovery and business continuity and have helped organisations recover from unexpected events such as catastrophic cloud failures, staff walkouts or injury.

We have saved organisations thousands of pounds off their cloud hosting bills, recently we reduced one of our clients cloud hosting bill by nearly 50% resulting in six figure savings over a 12 month period.

The beauty of cloud computing is that you can achieve basically anything in a technological context, however, there are multiple ways of approaching every problem and we often find that by introducing some more advanced cloud technologies, or even some basic configure changes of existing resources we are able to achieve significant savings.

If you are looking for your own in-house graduate cloud engineer to join your IT team we offer a graduate training program where we will first establish what your cloud business needs are and then help you choose a graduate who will initially work on site with us to learn the necessary tools and technologies relevant to your specific requirements, as the training progresses they will spend more time on site with you delivering work to help your business with training and support from our team where necessary.

We will soon be recruiting more graduates to join our team, so far we’ve trained up 5 graduates, some with zero prior IT experience but with curious, logical minds.

If you require cloud expertise for short or long term engagements our team are ready to help.

Our team work as a unit with specialists in various aspects of cloud computing. For most engagements we start with a senior engineer or architect to get the project started before handing the engineering work to our mid level and graduate team members, this model allows us to be competitive on price whilst also ensuring high quality delivery with all work reviewed by senior team members before delivery.

It is often the case for many organisations that you already have in house IT capabilities, but may not have the necessary experience in cloud computing. We can offer tailored up-skill training programs where we firstly go through the basic principles of cloud computing and the differences between traditional IT systems, and then provide guidance or training on the relevant toolset which will be necessary to achieve the best results from Cloud Computing.

If your organisation is already in the cloud we offer an architectural review service giving you peace of mind that your cloud deployment is in line with industry standards and offer suggestions for improvement where appropriate.

We will look at all aspects of your cloud deployment including

  • security,
  • monitoring,
  • cost,
  • and reliability.

Perhaps you don’t want to move everything to the cloud, or perhaps it isn’t appropriate to move everything to the cloud, we can help you establish a hybrid cloud which could be formed by multiple cloud providers, or a mixture of some cloud based resources and some on premises resources.

There are many simple cloud services which can be introduced to your existing technology stack which can provide a significant increase in performance and security for very little effort.

Our websites run on WordPress, we currently run over 20 WordPress based websites and so have developed an in house management structure enabling us to easily manage all of our sites, and so is just as easy for us to host our clients websites.

In addition to hosting WordPress sites, we can also develop sites for you which are hosted on our secure fully managed cloud based WordPress hosting platform.