One of the key principles of cloud computing is to only use (and pay for) what you need, when you need it. It’s entirely possible to use auto scaling to reduce the size of your infrastructure when it’s quiet, which is a great first step… but, in many cases, you can go a step further and remove the need for any servers at all, or perhaps offload part of your application to use serverless technology.

Our team have designed and delivered a number of serverless applications, both entirely serverless and hybrid deployments. We can help you get started with serverless, and we can also help deliver your serverless application, or indeed translate your existing application.

Both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform have a wide range of serverless features, an example deployment on AWS could include the following services:

  • S3 – Simple Storage Service
  • CloudFront
  • Lambda
  • Lambda@Edge
  • SNS – Simple Notification Service
  • SQS – Simple Queue Service
  • API Gateway
  • EC2 ALB – Elastic Cloud Compute Application Load Balancer
  • Route 53
  • DynamoDB
  • RDS Aurora Serverless
  • Fargate