The Startup for Startups

As a tech startup ourselves, and having worked with several startup companies since our launch last year we are well aware of the challenges faced across dev teams and so in response we decided to put together a package designed specifically for startup tech companies.

If you’d like to get in touch, email or call 03300 577156.

The Groundworks Package

Our groundworks package includes everything you need to get your AWS environments established in a structure designed to scale with your company. We firstly get to understand your needs in an initial call, once we’ve established what your goals are we will set to work on the architecture. We have a base structure for Accounts, Terraform, Packer and Ansible ready to go, what you, or we build on top will differ for each client. There’s no such thing as one size fits all for cloud computing!

Depending on your requirements we could supply:

  • Account Structure – IAM, Billing, Transit, Development, Testing, Staging, Production & Management.
  • Structure for IAM user management including MFA, password policies, Groups, Policies and the necessary Roles.
  • Remote Access – Self managed, automated user VPN access, Office Connectivity, Hybrid Cloud Connectivity.
  • SSH key & user management.
  • Flexible Terraform repository structure.
  • Various Terraform modules including VPCs, EC2 Instances and many more.
  • Ansible and / or Packer base structure including a base image and a collection of common packages such as nginx and common system management tools which can be used if necessary.
  • AMI Creation & Promotion.
  • Monitoring & Alerting Framework.
  • Detailed documentation.
Once you are happy with everything it’s over to you! We’re always here if you need help in future.

The Polish Package

Already have your service running in the cloud but want to make it shine?

We have helped many organisations optimise their cloud deployments, we could;

  • perform an architectural review
  • enhance security
  • reduce costs
  • introduce automation
  • improve automation
  • introduce monitoring & alerting
  • decrease delivery times
  • suggest improvements

There is probably an infinite number of things we could write that we could help with, but hopefully you have a basic understanding of what we could help with. Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!

DevOps as a Service

Some clients just want us to take care of everything, and that’s fine. We’re happy to do so. Our DevOps as a Service is broken down in to 3 classes of resourcing;

  • Senior Time – Architecture, Advanced Networking, Technical Meetings, Business Discussions etc
  • Engineering Time – Engineering delivery, writing scripts, automating etc
  • BAU – Business as usual, less technical knowledge required and keeping things ticking over

The offering can be tuned to your needs, typically towards the start of an engagement you will require a significant amount of senior time whilst the groundwork is being laid and requirements established, longer term it’s likely you won’t need as much senior time and so your overall contract can be reconfigured to perhaps include more engineering time or to include more BAU activity.

Our aim is to always automate as much BAU activity as is possible however we understand that sometimes things just can’t be automated or would be too complicated to automate and so our more junior team members are ready and able to assist with these types of activities.

We operate a mixed skill team ranging from Graduates to seasoned cloud professionals, you will be assigned an architect for the duration of your engagement who will ensure information consistency and ensure all work completed is to our highest standards.

24/7 Emergency Response

In the early days of any software product launch providing 24/7 support can often be a daunting prospect – especially when you may not have a very big team to distribute the load and would rather your developers be sleeping than fixing servers at night.

We operate a 24/7 1st line and escalation support team who can respond to alerts produced by your monitoring solution and either fix the problem, escalate to one of our senior engineers, or to a member of your own team.

If you also have our DevOps as a Service package it is simply charged on a monthly provision rate plus an hourly callout rate. If not, a quote will be generated which will consider the following factors:

  • How descriptive are alerts received?
  • How easy is it to follow your documentation?
  • Do we need to produce the documentation?
  • Will our team require technical knowledge transfer?
  • How often will things be changing?
  • What response times are required?
  • Is escalation support required or only 1st line?
Our aim during each engagement is to reduce the number of alerts received as much as possible and either fix the source of the problem or introduce automation to automatically attempt to resolve platform issues and only notify the team if the automated fix failed for any reason.