All of our products use the same software framework and infrastructure which we’ve named “SCOi”. We are able to easily develop and release new services such as these listed below and maintain a predictable (although huge) and consistent code-base. Our services are hosted on a mixture of AWS, on premises and GCP.

Security Industry Cloud

While we work in cloud security, the users of Security Industry Cloud work in the physical security space.

Security Industry Cloud is a collection of tools to help those working in the Security Industry, it’s hosted on AWS with a global spot architecture.

From shift management to incident reporting & tracking, Security Industry Cloud is affordable and scalable.

Students' Union Cloud

SU Cloud was originally intended for Students’ Unions, whilst talking with various departments it became apparent to us that the solution is in fact appropriate for universities as a whole.

Students’ Union Cloud is a collection of tools designed for Societies, Sports Clubs and Students’ Unions to reduce administration costs, improve user experience, unify student life.

From membership payments to attendance tracking, personalised society shops to ticket sales, communication tools to qualification tracking – we’ve got a tool for pretty much anything you need to manage your union.

The Cashless Guru

Cashless Guru is a wallet based payment service with a variety of ordering options designed for closed groups such as festivals, rugby clubs, stadiums and so forth.

It allows wristband based payments as well as online ordering services which allow event organisers to remove the requirement for queues at bars.

It is very similar to The Table Guru and the primary difference is the method of payment – Table Guru accepts payments per order whilst Cashless Guru utilises a digital wallet which requires top-ups.

The Table Guru

The Table Guru is a suite of tools designed for hospitality which we produced during the global pandemic in response to our inability to launch Cashless Guru at the time. It is very similar to Cashless Guru and includes many of the same services which exist within Students’ Union Cloud and Security Industry Cloud.

Ordering services include table service, counter service, takeaway ordering, delivery ordering, What 3 Words based ordering all fully configurable with integrated payment and accounting services.