Some of the tools we offer are listed below. For more information, feel free to pop us a message or call us.

HR Management

A comprehensive suite of tools to assist in managing employees. Sensitive employee information can easily be encrypted and restricted to ensure it safety. Manage and record employees time off, including annual leave, accrued leave, time in lieu and more.

Asset Management

Identify assets and manage their lifecycles. Asset can have a range of information attached such as owners, locations or if they have been assigned to employees or external parties. This tool can help companies meet ISO 27001 - Annex A.8: Asset Management requirements.

Case Management

A case can track a HR compliant, poor performance or communications with a customer. A case links our various tools to display documents, employees, clients, calls, automated emails, incidents and more together and on a timeline.

Payment Terminals

Provide self-service ordering systems with collection or table service with ease, while still providing over-the-counter service if desired.

Secure Document Storage

Upload, store, archive and share documents securely. Easily allow sharing of documents between either employees or external parties while knowing the file transfer is always secure, unlike email.

Workstation Management

Setup and remotely manage and diagnose issues on staff workstations. Managers can also remotely monitor screens to either review performance or assist with any difficulties.

Phone Call Handler

Queue up inbound calls and assign to a group of staff members to answer. Handler can display and record caller information. Outbound calling can be configured for call centres, which automatically manages and assigns tasks to agents. Managers can easily monitor agent performance.

Event Management

Full suite of event / festival management tools including qualification tracking, ticketing, entrance scanning, incident reporting, task management and more.