ImagiTools is a collection of tools we have developed to make life easier managing your cloud environments via your own personalised portal.

For more information or if you would like to use our tools, please email

Automated SSH User Management

Works on most Linux systems, cloud and on premise.

  1. Configure the Imagicloud yum or apt repository.
  2. Update the configuration file (/etc/imagicloud-ssh.conf) with the required settings.
  3. Enable the imagicloud-ssh service
  4. Users configured via your Imagicloud portal will automatically be added and removed.

An ansible role and packer module are available for use if required. This service is included free of charge for our managed service customers.

OpenVPN Server & User Management

OpenVPN user management has never been easier.

  1. Deploy the Imagicloud OpenVPN AMI using the supplied Terraform module.
  2. Login to your Imagicloud portal to register the instance.
  3. Create your first OpenVPN Server.
  4. Start issuing user keys!

All aspects of user management are controlled via the portal including revoking keys and creating keys. The private keys and CA never come to the Imagicloud servers, everything stays in your own AWS account under your control.

This service is included free of charge for our managed service customers.

Imagicloud AWS NAT Gateway AMI

If you’re looking for a pre-configured EC2 based NAT gateway for your VPC, feel free to use ours, we have a Terraform module available which will configure the necessary route tables and security groups if required.

In non production environments you can save considerable amounts of money by using an EC2 instance instead of the VPC NAT Gateway, for production environments we recommend you continue to use the AWS VPC NAT Gateway Service. We plan to release a highly available version in future.